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fault finding

Fault finding is the process of finding electrical problems, troubleshooting what is causing them and then repairing the issue to the electrical standard. 

If you have a light, power outlet or any other electrical item causing issues when you turn them on, then there will be an underlying issue as to why.


Electrical problems usually stem from simple causes, such as loose or corroded connections, a blown fuse, faulty earth connection, water damage or switchboard overload.

Using a licensed electrician to work out what the issue is and rectify the problem is the best option to ensure a

correct and safe fix. They will then test the operation of the electrical equipment to ensure it is safe and working correctly. 

If you are having electrical issues in your home or business, contact us today to find out how we can help.


Our service guarantee

Licensed electrical

& air conditioner


Our team are all licensed, qualified, highly experienced and knowledgeable electricians with the passion to see your electrical needs met at a high standard.

On time

arrival & clean departure*

We will provide a window for arrival and contact you when on our way. If we are running late, we will be in touch. 
The jobsite is always left as it is found - clean & tidy.

Price quoted before  commencement, not by the hour*

Where possible, we will provide a quoted price before starting a job. This would be after a site visit and is excluded for jobs such as fault finding.

100% satisfaction of service & products*

Products supplied by us are under our warranty for the item and installation, whereas it is workmanship only for supplied items.
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