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  • Does Fleming & Sons complete work on weekends and after hours?
    We will complete works outside regular trading hours as required. This is mainly emergency work or when specifically organised with each individual client. Higher charges may be incurred.
  • How and when do we pay for the service?
    Once the job is complete, there will be EFTPOS facilities on site to take debit and credit card payments. Clients can also be issued with an invoice to transfer payments, but the terms of invoices are 7 days. Larger jobs also require a 30% deposit up front.
  • Am I able to obtain a quote over the phone?
    Whether a quote can be obtained over the phone is dependent on the task. For a guaranteed price on larger jobs, it is best to have the site observed prior to booking. Sometimes sending through photos will assist with pricing also. Please feel free to give us a call so we can have a chat about your specific job.
  • Do I need to supply my own fittings?
    You don't need to supply your own materials but prices may be competitive when supplied by us and only what we provide will be covered under our service warranty.
  • What electrical work am I able to complete myself?
    We do not recommend that you complete any electrical work at home yourself. All electrical work should be completed by a licenced electrician only. If we come across any unregulated work upon carrying out a job, it is our responsibility to ensure it is rectified at the cost of the client. We are legally required to ensure all electrical work is completed to a standard.
  • Which locations do you service?
    Based in Logan City, we service a large range of locations throughout Logan, Northern Gold Coast, Brisbane, East Ipswich and Bayside. Wherever you are located, we look forward to hearing from you.
  • What is your warranty on labour and parts?
    Our warranty on installations is 12 months and parts is 6 months alongside the manufacturers in home warranty. Parts supplied by us, and all labour, will be inspected for free if anything stops working correctly within these time frames. Products supplied by the customer do not come under this warranty.
  • How do I know when my switchboard requires upgrading?
    The following could be a sign that your switchboard needs upgrading - if there are no or not enough safety switches in your home, discolouring circuit breakers, you have ceramic fuses, there are issues with power tripping and system faults or you are purchasing new and bigger appliances. If any of the above relate, it would be advisable to have your board examined. It is important to have an up to date switchboard to keep your home, family and workplace safe.
  • What are the laws surrounding smoke alarms, and when do they come into effect?"
    New laws for smoke alarms come into effect from 1st January 2022 for rented houses or properties for sale from that date. Smoke alarms need to be installed on every floor, in every bedroom and all adjoining hallways. For more information and pricing, please see our Smoke Alarm Services page.
  • What constitutes an emergency?
    Some things that would be considered an emergency and should be addressed as soon as possible include power tripping, smoke, unusual noises, exposed live parts and water damage.
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