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process to Become an electrician

Becoming and electrician starts off with doing an electrical apprenticeship which takes four years to complete, with both on the job training and at a trade school.

Hands on training is done through an employer who teaches skills and processes in a real life work environment, all while you are paid as an employee. This means that in order to commence an apprenticeship, you will require employment within an electrical business or company under direct supervision of a qualified electrician.

At trade school, both the theory and practical components are taught, spread in a number of blocks through out the year. Having both aspects of training, this is a great way to learn even more facets of the electrical trade.

In order to complete your apprenticeship, you will need to finish the Certificate lll in Electrotechnology Electrician as well as licencing assessments, ie Capstone.

Some employers will keep you on their team as a qualified electrician, while others may not have room. Either way, you will finish your four years of training ready to gain permanent employment and with confidence in your trade.

To become an electrical contactor and work for yourself, additional licences are required through a course upon becoming qualified.

Being an Electrician is a great trade and definitely one to consider at any age - whether straight out of school or as a mature age apprentice.


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