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Things to consider when Installing downlights

Downlights are an easy and effective way to change a room from old to modern. They have the ability to provide extra light as they are placed in many areas across the ceiling, provide the option to set a desired colour and even be dimmable for rooms that occasionally require less light.

They are perfect for media rooms, outdoors, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Below is a sample of the 3 colours that can be used on the downlights in your home.

When placing downlights in areas, it is important to consider how many are needed to suit the space. For example, a living area would need more lights than bedrooms or bathrooms. In order to look complete and tidy, it is suggested that you do 2 rows, evenly spaced, across the whole room (space allowing). Kitchens may only need a couple of lights, spaced evenly in one row, while bedrooms, media rooms and bathrooms may only need one in the centre, two diagonally or four - one in each corner. There are many different configurations when placing downlights and every preference, room and functionality is unique.

Things that need to be taken into account when installing downlights include:

  • Are there already lights that need to be replaced, as these holes will need to be plastered,

  • Are there timber beams along the line the downlights would be placed (this would require a surface-mounted downlight rather than a standard downlight or relocation of positions),

  • If there is a fan installed / to be installed, downlights that are too close to the centre can cause a strobe effect when the fan is on,

  • If downlights are required to be installed on the ground floor of an already established two-storey home, there may need to be a different approach taken,

  • What size do they need to be and what material are they being installed in, ie a regular ceiling or insulated panels.

It is suggested to ask an electrician to review your home and recommend the best possible course of action to achieve your desired look.


If you are building a brand new home, and would like to have the downlights installed after handover, a tip would be to have the builders place the included downlights in each corner of the bedrooms so that an electrician can add the extras without you having to patch a hole, or to place the downlight in a position that can have extras added in a straight and evenly spaced manner.

Fleming & Sons Electrical is able to assist with your electrical plan before your appointment to ensure best value and options when using the standard range included in your build.

We look forward to working with you in installing downlights throughout your home - whether a renovation or a new build - Fleming & Sons have the options to assist you in making your dream home a reality.


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